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Put More Color In Your Life!
shimRon Morgan & Rachelle Goodfriend

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Bring beauty, creativity, and joy into your life and home with these simple – and practical – ideas inspired by designers Ron Morgan and Rachelle Goodfriend. In this program you’ll hear wonderful stories, expert advice, and decorating tips from two great professionals in floral and interior design. Learn how managing clutter can raise your self-esteem, what colors make flower arrangements sing, and how much fun it is to beautify your space. Conversations with Ron and Rachelle include

  • how flowers put a smile in your home
  • why having a space that pleases you matters
  • how having a beautiful living space can affect your feelings and actions
  • what’s positive about the current trend in TV makeover shows
Featured Guests
Ron Morgan Ron Morgan is one of the most sought-after and well-recognized floral designers in the United States. He has consulted as an interior designer, owned floral and antique shops, and published four books, including: The Center of Attention and In the Company of Flowers. He now devotes most of his creative energies to the garden club lecture circuit. Ron’s store in Oakland, California is called Loot.
Rachelle Goodfriend Rachelle Goodfriend is founder and owner of Goodfriend Design Group (formerly known as Spirited Spaces Design Consultants), a thriving business in the California Bay Area. She brings a unique combination of talents to her work: interior designer and a psychotherapist. Rachelle’s passion is to create comfortable, functional, and beautiful environments. 415-505-8004


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