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shimMay 31st
shimshimDot Maver – Matt Albracht
The Peace Alliance

Dot Mazer, Joan Kenley, and Matt Albracht

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This program focuses on how to speak the language of peace and spread the word! People everywhere need to know that “applied peace building” is a new and powerful science. What are the politics of peace? Have you heard about the Student Peace Alliance? It’s important to put more action into activism by learning which programs you can get behind. From grassroots to government, there are organizations in countless cultures around the globe that are taking on the challenges that could stimulate major global change. You’ll hear about:

  • Robert Redford’s film Lions for Lambs – a call to question what’s true
  • The Peace Alliance, its mission, and its presence in all 50 states
  • what it could mean to our country to have a Department of Peace
  • why thinking of peace as technicolor and vital makes it more powerful
  • how to get involved in the “Summer of Peace” Initiative for 2009
  • the way Walter Cronkite describes peace as “an inside job”
Featured Guests
Dorothy Maver Dorothy Maver, a resident of Vermont, is one of the founders of The Peace Alliance, an organization that empowers civic activism for a culture of peace while also advocating for a US Department of Peace. Dot was the National Campaign Manager for Kucinich for President 2004, is a co-founder of the Vermont Peace Academy, and is active in community organizing. She co-authored the book Conscious Education: The Bridge to Freedom. The Peace Alliance – – 202.296.1187
Matthew Albrecht Matthew Albrecht is a long-time ecological, social justice activist, and a founding member of The Peace Alliance, which was started three years ago. Matt is currently involved in the Greater Bay Area “Summer of Peace” initiative for 2009 that will harness the efforts of dozens of groups and cutting-edge programs to drastically reduce violence as well as helping to create new models for collaboration that can be replicated in cities across the US and in other countries worldwide. The Peace Alliance – – 202.296.1187
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