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Why Stories Are Needed
shimMarch 22th at 5PM
shimGay Ducey – Sandra Noman

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We explore why stories matter in our lives — why we love them — and how they help us communicate. Since the most primitive campfires and throughout history, stories have helped teach, influence, and bind people together. They encourage the understanding — of self, of others, and of life — which is vital for sustaining cultures. You’ll hear:

  • what’s involved in telling a captivating story
  • the difference between a fairy tale, a myth and a fable
  • Gay’s story about being a guest on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood
  • how stories can enhance education and bring hope to young people
  • why children can benefit from story hours at local libraries
Featured Guests
Gay Ducey Gay Ducey is a children's librarian, free-lance storyteller, and storytelling educator. She has appeared on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and performs regularly throughout North America. She was commissioned by the Smithsonian's Museum of American History to present stories in “Union Maid: Stories from America's Women at Work.” Gay is also co-author of Spilt Milk: Traditional Tales of Mother and Motherhood, scheduled for publication in 2007.
Sandra Noman Sandra Noman is a teacher, writer, grandmother and lively teller of tales. She is currently directing a program serving the needs of homeless middle school children in San Francisco. Born in East Africa to medical missionaries, she has lived in many lands, gathering stories everywhere. She recently was the director of the Dominican University Storytelling Program.
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