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Why Gratefulness Matters
shimMarch 1st at 5PM
Dale Biron – Linda Larsson

Linda, Joan and Dale

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Gratefulness and gratitude are two intrinsic human qualities that can bring our personal lives more joy, peace, meaning, and ease. Both can be the key to unlock the fullness of life, turning what we have into not just enough, but into abundance. We talk about:

  • the important work of A Network for Grateful Living (ANG*L)
  • how to cultivate daily gratefulness
  • music and poetry’s positive influence on growing your “attitude of gratitude”
  • the wild and wonderful “Poetry of Gratefulness” benefit at the Herbst Theatre
  • some of the best online resources with practices and tools for grateful living
  • the many offerings on – (61/2 million visitors last year!)

Featured Guests
Dale Biron Dale Biron is a speaker, poet and integrative coaching specialist to leaders and organizational teams. He is interested in the practical, no nonsense use of poetry in our everyday personal and business lives. Dale is co-founder of Core Action Associates, Inc., an organizational coaching company based in Marin. He serves as a board member and Poetry Editor At Large for ANG*L.
Linda Larsson Linda Larsson is on the board of ANG*L and is a member of the Board Development Committee. She has been an English Instructor at a community college; an Analyst and Designer for administrative and engineering configuration management systems; and a Sales Administrator and Analyst for a technology company. Linda has also developed and managed residential property.
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