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YOUR HOME: The Art of Buying, Designing & Selling
shimJanuary 5th at 5PM
shimshimJudith Glass – Sheila Sabine
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Sheila and Judith

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Buying, designing, and selling a home includes many aspects – mental, emotional, physical, and financial. The savvy Glass-Sabine Team joins our conversation with expert advice. They have distinguished themselves by making their own brand of home-staging a marketing specialty. It’s been said, “Home is where the heart is.” Taking that idea one step further: Why not put your heart into your home? You can hear about:

  • how to make buying a home an even smarter investment
  • the many advantages of considering design psychology & Feng Shui
  • ways a cluttered home or work space can negatively impact your life
  • why “green” building and environmental re-modeling are so important
  • tips and suggestions that make homes more attractive for buyers
  • why sellers who stage their homes have a big advantage in the marketplace
Featured Guests
Judith Glass Judith Glass has an impressive history in design and sales. Her MBA is in marketing, and she is a member of the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association. Judith was the owner and founder of The Fashion Connection – an image consulting firm in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and The New Moon – a specialty clothing store in Oakland, California.
Sheila Sabine Sheila Sabine has extensive experience in property management, renovation, design, building and residential sales, and serves as an Interior Design Trainer for new agents. Sheila has published numerous articles in the San Francisco Chronicle, Northern California Homes and Gardens, and San Francisco Magazine.
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