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Authoring Your Life
shimOctober 27th at 5PM
shimGwen Mazer – George Schofield – Brenda Wade

Gwen Mazer, George Schofield, Brenda Wade

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Authoring your life path is a meaningful choice at every age, and there is always something to learn about how to do it more effectively. Our expert panel brings inspiration and suggestions to make this authorship fresh. Acknowledging that wisdom for this journey can come from every generation, we cover:

  • the value of setting clear intentions
  • reasons to include grace, gratitude, reflection and forgiveness every day
  • why anger is such a burden
  • how important it is to set aside time to listen to inner guidance
  • when expectations can become an issue
Featured Guests
Gwen Mazer Gwen Mazer brings a new dimension to growing in age in the 21st century with her new book: Wise Talk, Wild Women, a collection of conversations with prominent luminaries. A former fashion editor and columnist for Harpers Bazaar, she has been a boutique owner in New York and San Francisco. Her workshops and Wild Women Sunday Salons are forums for women exploring their life path. Ms. Mazer’s company is Total Image Management.
George Schofield, PhD George Schofield, PhD is the author of After 50 It’s Up to Us. As a researcher, personal coach, author, speaker, and consultant to employers, he focuses his interest on the skills needed for living well after mid-life and is an expert in human and organizational development, professional career management, and the art of balancing an intelligent life plan. Dr. Schofield is also a founding principle of The Clarity Group, located in San Francisco.
Brenda Wade, PhD Brenda Wade, PhD shares vivid stories and guidelines in her book Power Choices about inner discoveries that are essential for key life transitions. She has earned numerous awards as a psychologist, author, television host, keynote speaker, and seminar leader. Brenda appears weekly on The Today Show and is host of Black Renaissance on the CW Network. Dr. Wade’s other books are Love Lessons and What Mama Couldn’t Tell Us About Love.
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After 50 It's Up To Us – George H. Schofield, Ph.D.

Living Your Unlived Life – Robert A. Johnson and Jerry M. Ruhl, Ph.D.

I Will Not Die An Unlived Life: Reclaiming Purpose And Passion – Donna Markova

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