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Healthy Choices – Healthy Life
August 4th at 5PM
Joyce Gidel – Patty Torza

Patty Torza, Joan Kenley, Joyce Gidel

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Can positive choices make you healthier and happier? Is change really possible? It’s never too late to learn new ways to truly take care of yourself. English playwright John Dryden once said, “We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.” Because everyone can benefit from committing to healthier choices, our conversation explores:

  • what role the mind plays in the habits we have
  • reactions you may experience when you make healthy lifestyle changes
  • the ways we sabotage ourselves when committing to something new
  • what happens physiologically when you exercise, eat well, and reduce stress
  • how cultural norms and the media affect our attitude about ourselves and others
  • why having a spiritual focus can influence a healthier consciousness
Featured Guests
Joyce Gidel Joyce Gidel is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist and head of the family therapy program at Merritt Peralta Institute, part of Alta Bates-Summit Medical Center. Joyce has a private practice in Oakland and is in the process of writing a book on codependency and spirituality. 510 559-7775,
Patty Torza Patty Torza is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Post-Rehab Conditioning Specialist, and holistic Nutrition Consultant. She has worked in the fitness profession as an athlete, teacher, administrator, coach, and lecturer. Patty's approach to fitness is goal-oriented, motivating, and fun-filled. 510-835-2745,
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