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Red, White & Green
July 7th at 5PM
Tim Quigley – Judy Levin
Volunteer Center of Silicon Valley

Judy Levin, Tim Quigley and Joan Kenley

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We focus on how California, America and the planet can become more Red, White, and Green. The United States celebrates Independence Day every year on the 4th of July, acknowledging our freedoms and our democracy. Yet right now, “independence” — each and every day — is taking on so many new meanings. We need to be independent from foreign fuel. We have to free ourselves from the dangers of carbon emissions. We must stand up for the underprivileged, and fight to protect human survival. Live Earth concerts’ global event is meant to trigger more pro-active commitments to solve the climate crisis.

As we acknowledge this landmark day, 7-7-07, you’ll hear about:

  • how to take part in the three-year Green Challenge program
  • signing up for the 7 Step, Live Earth Pledge at
  • great ways families can join together for socially responsible causes
  • important reasons for knowing when to call 211 instead of 911
  • the far-reaching activities of the Volunteer National Network — VCNN
  • why individuals, corporations & governments must work together for climate change
Featured Guests
Judy Levin Judy Levin is in her 2nd year as President of the Volunteer Center of Silicon Valley, known as VCSV, which is celebrating its 20th year. She has been active in community volunteer efforts for over two decades, primarily in Silicon Valley, and has served on the Board of Trustees of KTEH Public TV, the Yavneh Day School, and was President of the Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley. Most recently, Judy chaired a 25 million dollar capital campaign to build the Levy Jewish Family Campus in Los Gatos. 408-247-1126
Tim Quigley Stephen T. Quigley, Jr. — known by his middle name Tim — is a civic entrepreneur and the Executive Director of VCSV. His professional forty-year career has encompassed both public and community service, from the arts to international business to childhood development. His senior executive positions have included President of the Silicon Valley Defense/Space Consortium; Executive Director/CEO of the Silicon Valley Global Trading Center, and Commanding Officer at Moffett Field Naval Air Station. 408-247-1126
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