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Purposeful Giving: Ideas and Choices
June 30th at 5PM
Tex Dworkin – Priya Haji

Priya Haji, Joan Kenley, and Tex Dworkin

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Originally, giving a gift meant sharing something special that was reflective of your personal talents. Today, giving something special can mean selecting a gift as an expression of your personal commitments or philosophy. Over the past decade, there has been a surge in companies and products that are better for the environment and more advantageous for those who create the gifts. What giving offers those who give, is expressed by Maya Angelou: “I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”

In this program you’ll hear about:

  • environmentally responsible gifts and where to get them
  • charitable giving to help those in need
  • the causes of holiday angst
  • websites you need to know about
  • how customers can find air trade products, and
  • what it means to vote with your gift dollars all year round
Featured Guests
Priya Haji Priya Haji is the CEO and Co-Founder of the World of Good company: offering ethically sourced gifts, housewares and accessories. She built the concept while completing her MBA at UC Berkeley, and has led the company to its current success—focusing on using the engine of enterprise to create social impact. Priya also serves as the Board Chair for their non-profit sister entity, the World of Good Development Organization.
Tex Dworkin Tex Dworkin is an Independent Fair Trade Consultant, who actively participates in the Fair Trade movement. She is also the Manager of the Global Exchange Online Fair Trade Store. Tex promotes the philosophy that “shopping can change the world.” She believes in the power of business enterprise as a tool for social change—meeting and speaking with artisans, students, vendors and producers from around the world. and
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