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His Holiness the Dalai Lama said, "It is by combining intelligence and emotion that we can change and transform our inner world." This hour-long program is dedicated to the people and organizations around the world that are, each day, doing their part to contribute to a peaceful, sustainable planet. The program will include:

Featured guests:

Call-ins from peace leaders:

We are pleased to feature the music of Gary Malkin, an award-winning composer, producer and performer dedicated to making a difference in the world.

We want to pay tribute to Marin's Premier International Day of Peace Celebration featuring guest speakers James O'Dea, Joanie Misrack, and Dr. Thomas Pinkson.

Featured Guests
Avon Mattison is Co-Founder and President of Pathways to Peace, an international peace-building educational and consulting organization. Avon is a forerunner in the field of peace-building, and has been involved with The International Day of Peace since it's inauguration. Pathways to Peace serves as international coordinator of the Culture of Peace Initiative, which has been granted UN Peace Messenger status.
Charles Gibbs is the founding Executive Director of the United Religions Initiative, a global interfaith network for world peace that is active in 60 countries. Charles has traveled worldwide as a featured speaker and collaborator with religious, spiritual, and community leaders. He co-authored Birth of a Global Community about the birth of the United Religions Initiative.
Masankho Banda is an international performer and educator dedicated to building peace through music and storytelling. Masankho has brought his work into schools, organizations, corporations and communities around the world. He is the founder of UCanDanc' African Healing Arts and the Co-Founder and Co-Director of The Institute for Peacebuilding. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Pathways to Peace.
Joining Us by Phone
Louise Diamond is a professional peacebuilder, author, and educator dedicated to activating a culture of peace in our society.   Founder and CEO of The Peace Company and president emeritus of the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy, she has worked for peace in places of violent conflict all around the world. The Peace Book: 108 Simple Ways to Make a More Peaceful World, is her best-selling guide to making peace the way we live.
Sharon Franquemont is the co-founder of the annual interfaith Prayer Vigil for the Earth in Washington, DC. and the Education Director for the Life Science Foundation. Sharon is an international speaker, trainer, and coach on intuition and innovation, and is the author of three books, including You Already Know What To Do, and an online learning module for the University of Minnesota's Center for Spirituality and Healing, called Intuition's Role in Your Health and Wellbeing. Her website is Intuition Works.
Barbara Gaughen-Muller is the Chair of the PAX 2100 Board of Directors. As an e ducator, author, business leader and public speaker, she has devoted her career to socially responsible global public relations. Her radio show "Inspiring Conversations" with business, political and spiritual leaders is broadcast world-wide from the Radio for Peace   International.   She is the co-founder of Media 21, a PR counsel firm dedicated to preparing the media and organizations for an ethical 21st Century.
Dot Maver serves as Executive Director of the Peace Alliance, campaigning for a US Department of Peace, and the Peace Alliance Foundation, promoting civic engagement for a Culture of Peace.   Dot served as the National Campaign Manager for Kucinich for President 2004, and was one of the co-founding members of the Vermont Peace Academy.   She is an innovative educator and is active in community coalition building with her youth/adult partnership model based on shared responsibility and shared leadership .
Sharon Mehdi Sharon Mehdi is a writer, teacher, healer, mother and grandmother. She is the author of The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering, an inspiring story of two women whose simple act of caring creates the power to transform the world. Sharon has lived and worked in Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Kuwait, Guatemala, Mexico, Spain, France and Canada. She knows peace is possible.
Patricia Smith Melton Patricia Smith Melton is Founder and Executive Director of PEACE X PEACE, an international, Washington DC-based organization that connects women for peace through its interactive, Internet-based Global Network. PEACE X PEACE came out of Smith Melton's response to the 9/11 attacks and the question, "What is peace and how can women be empowered to build it?" Four years after its founding the PEACE X PEACE Global Network has over 4000 members and 700 Circles in 51 countries. Click here to view an online video from Peace X Peace.
Joanie Misrack is a consultant and volunteer specializing in the area of peace-building.  She is the co-founder and former Director of Pathways To Peace (PTP), an educational and consulting organization of the United Nations.   She represents PTP on the Board of the Citizens for a UN People's Assembly and is on the Sustainable Planet Committee of the Threshold Foundation.  She has a degree in Marketing and an MBA, worked in Marketing/Management for many years, and does Socially Responsible Investing.
Robert Muller Robert Muller, born in 1923, knew the horrors of World War II, of being a refugee, of Nazi occupation and imprisonment. After the war he devoted the next 40 years of his life behind the scenes at the United Nations focusing his energies on world peace. He rose through the ranks and became UN Assistant-Secretary-General. Now in active "retirement," Dr. Muller is Ch ancellor of the University for Peace created by the United Nations in demilitarized Costa Rica. To learn more about Robert's work, please visit Good Morning World and his personal website.
Featuring the Music of Gary Malkin
Gary Malkin Gary Malkin is an award-winning composer/producer and performer dedicated to making a difference in the world by participating in projects that inspire the heart and catalyze social change. He has enjoyed a highly successful career for over 20 years, having received seven Emmys and six ASCAP awards acknowledging his work in film and television, commercials and CD production. Gary is the CEO and Co-Founder of Wisdom of the World, Inc.
Resources and Events

International Day of Peace

Global Peace Foundation

Peace One Day

Messages of Peace

Circles of Ten

Marin's International Day of Peace Celebration

Susyn Reeve, "Choose Peace & Happiness"

Dalai Lama, "Art of Happiness"

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